Monday, January 18, 2010

Writer's BIO

am a writer and researcher. I have researched the topics I write about for over 10 years and feel as though I am an expert in my own right. As the result of all of the extensive research that I have done, I have compiled articles that are numerous enough to be published as an E-book and would love to do that when and if I find a publisher that would be willing to take on the task.

I am a college graduate who became ill in her early years and has become home bound living below the line of poverty as a result. I was very smart, lovely and talented in my early years and never dreamed that I would be where I am today however my experiences have made me wise. I have learned to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and go where I need to go for the truth.

I have learned what it is like to raise a family in poverty because of a government that has turned it’s back on poor people.

I do not vote and I am not what you would consider to be a Christian.

I choose to remain anonymous for safety and security reasons, so I do not give out personal information about my self, including contact information. Myron will be manning this website on my behalf so that I can remain anonymous. Thank You Myron.

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  1. I thought this article was very,very fascinating this is the first time I have heard of this.I wished you would post more articles similiar to this.Have you looked at the Scandnavian history in religion and churches and artwork are they related with the Scandanavian Christ?