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In this short article I will be showing you how of all of our human ancestors migrated into the British Isles, the Basque regions of Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East from the Polar Regions. Most of you have no idea that ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS WERE ORIGINALLY SCANDINAVIAN AND THAT THIS INFORMATION IS HIDDEN IN OUR DNA. I don’t care what color your skin is today your original indigenous ancestors on planet earth were Scandinavian. This is information that the officially accepted groups of scientists, archeologists, geologists, WILL NOT AND CANNOT TALK ABOUT. In this article I am referring to other scientists whose data is hard to find online unless you really know how to do an exhaustive search. Please read my other articles if you want more detailed information on this subject.

Pictures above show Marilyn Monroe who was the Blue Eyed Blonde Scandinavian Hyperborean arch-type who originally occupied Europe and the northern continents. The drawings are examples of the typical dark haired Celtic and Anglo Saxon –Warrior arch-types who were the hunters and gathers, known also as the Basques that migrated into Europe after it had been settled by the indigenous Scandinavian populations.

The map above was created to show the Scandinavian Migration Patterns


We will start with the Viking Y-DNA PROJECT data first. The Viking Y-DNA Project was initiated in Stockholm in December 2004 as an offshoot of the Scandinavian Y-DNA Project. The project shows us that many Americans of Norman, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry are quite obviously of Scandinavian descent and they also have many family records or other official documents to prove it. With the help of genetic testing many of people today might be able to link up with their Scandinavian siblings and the kin of their forefathers.

Here is a quick study of the data from Viking Y-DNA Project. The Y-Chromosomes in Wales and Ireland are a very close match to the Basques. This new genetic evidence strongly suggests that the Basques are the LATER DESCENDANTS OF THE ORIGINAL INDIGEONUS SCANDINAVIAN PALEOLITHIC INHABITANTS OF WESTERN EUROPE prior to the arrival of the dark hair dark eyed hunter gathers and farmers who migrated into the area 6,000 to 9,000 years ago”.

The original inhabitants of England were Scandinavian. Dr. Mark Thomas states “50% to 100% of the indigenous populations were replaced by the Anglo Saxons. “If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant. How could it have been achieved?”

It is clear from recent archeological digs all over the world, that the oldest mummies were of Scandinavian People. As time went on the dark haired races bred into or with the Scandinavian races to form a variety of people groups such as the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, Cimmerians, and Aryans etc.
Legends and language tell us that these Scandinavians came from the Hyperborean region. It would seem that in our not to distant past, the Polar Regions were a tropical paradise before the last earth shift or shifts which moved Hyperborean into the north pole region. Legends, science, geology, archeology etc., tell us that do the last BIG FREEZE, and with the melting of the last ice age, THE SCANDINAVIAN INHABITANTS DECIDED TO MIGRATE TO WARMER CLIMATES. Legends also tell us that there were two very separate migrations out of Hyperborea however and the first migration was a hybrid race Science has come to call the “ADAMS” (Indian populations).

The first group known as the “HYBRID ADAMS” moved to various landmasses shown in the light areas on the map above, once known as ATLANTIS.

The SECOND MASS MIGRATION OUT OF THE HYPERBOREA REGION were the SCANDINAVIANS and they moved into the Scandinavian Countries that shown in red on the map above. The Scandinavians that continued to move south eventually met up and bred with the dark haired races that were referred to as the hunter and gathers and became a mixed race of farmers.

You can also see the landmasses our original Scandinavian ancestors once lived in on blue map above. Do you see how much higher the equator line was at one time, Back then Greenland was not a frozen wasteland? The people groups that settled below the line were the hybrid dark haired people groups which science refers to as the Adams (Indians people groups) and the EVES (black races) originally. The opinion of the accepted group of scientists who have FALSELY determined where the human race came from do not want us to know about our Scandinavian ancestors. When they determine human ancestry they DO NOT LOOK ABOVE THE LINE or report about our Scandinavian ancestors who lived above that equator line, they only comment on our ancestors and their migration patters who lived below the line. IT’S TIME WE FIRE THAT GROUP OF SCIENTESTS AND LOOK AT THE TRUTH. There is a Conspiracy of Science among these false prognosticators that needs to be exposed. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

Scandinavian legends have always talked about the LAND UP NORTH WHERE OUR ORIGINAL ANCESTORS CAME FROM. Even legends from India indicate that the cradle of humanity originated in the North Pole and South Pole regions. The Hindus believe that their families really descended from the lowest HYBRID migration out of the Polar Regions and the inner earth. These legends as well as the Koran, tell us that the Himalayan mountain region is where this hybrid lower class entered the surface of our world. Indian legends have always told about their ancestors who came from inside the earth. These legends stated that these indigenous ancestors lived just under the surface of our planet to avoid the chaos of the surface world. After the last global cataclysms they resurfaced to repopulate the earth. Indian legends and the Koran tell us that these ADAMS (Indian populations) and EVES (Black races) resurfaced in the Himalayan’s according to Indian legends and then migrated to ancient Babylon, Iraq etc. They were at one time considered to be the most miserable of India's four castes of society known as the Sudras. As a matter of fact the British Royal Family also came from the lowest of the low cast, as do the Serpent Bloodlines known as the Blue Bloods of Europe.

This is a very well kept secret the “Global Elite” do not want us to know about. They do not want us to know that their low casts of Blue Blood Blooded ancestors, STOLE THE DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE EARTH from our Scandinavian ancestors. Once again, WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO. Buyers Beware.

It would appear that Hindus ancient history is also wrapped round the spiritual traditions that occurred, not in the ancient Indian subcontinent, but thousands of miles northward at the North Pole, with the ancient HYBRID RACE of ADAMS (Indians) who mingled with the evil gods in the region of Hyperborea known as the LAND OF THE GODS, etc!

The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise that is now located at the North Pole. All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a PARADISE, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region. These legends tell us that the

According to ancient legends and bible legends, the pictures are the dark gods that were led by Satan who also fell

Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the fallen gods aka GODS OF EDEN seen in the pictures above, came down into the region to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians. These evil gods began a human hybrid program, which is eerily similar to what was being described in Genesis Chapter 6 where the Nordic Aryan Alien “Elohim Fallen Watcher” gods came down and started to rape their woman and tamper with human DNA. Genesis Chapter I is the first creation story where these human looking gods created mankind to resemble them. It is the Hebrew Creation Story. This creation story is very different than the Jewish Creation Story found in Genesis Chapter 2 where the evil fallen lion-faced reptilian god Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge cloned his race of Adams and Eves.

We not only have a variety of people groups on earth today but we have records, legends, etc., of the gods who created them. These gods and the hybrid people groups they created have always been at war with each other.

It is also slowly becoming a fact that the bloodline of Cain who is a feature of Jewish and Hebrew legends, bred with the “Serpent Bloodlines” in Medo Persia. This inbreeding eventually produced the ASKENAZIM JEWS from Khazaria who were known as the Pharisees, Scribes and ruling class of the Hebrews and Jews that became the Zionists of today. Hitler was as Ashkenazim Jew. These blended bloodlines came to be known as the lost “Tribe of Dan,” in the Old Testament. Today we know them as the “Global Elite” rulers of the “New World Order” movement.

Ordinary people have no idea that the “Global Elite”, Serpent Bloodlines” of today all have A DEGRADED and BLENDED DNA, which includes the red hair DNA that science now states comes from the Neanderthal. New scientific evidence today shows us that human beings were not originally born with the red hair gene. Old Testament figures like Esau and Cain were described as being hairy with red hair. This certainly seems to indicate that the bloodline of Cain was a hybrid bloodline with Neanderthal DNA. Cain was the offspring of Adam and Lilith according the official Jewish records NOT FOUND in the Old Testament.


Today the Tribe of Dan aka the Serpent race, appear to be a blended people group with both Scandinavian DNA and the DNA of the dark Hybrid race of Indians (ADAMS) that were forced out of Hyperborea for practicing Satanism and paganism and mingling their seed with the seed of the evil gods. They are also known as the bloodline of “Cain” and the lost “Tribe of Dan” in the Old Testament. This bloodline also happens to have the pure Scandinavian Rh Negative blood factor due to the inbreeding. They also appear to carry copper based blood which is known as REPTILIAN BLOOD that turns blue under certain conditions which is why these “Global Elite” were called the BLUE BLOODS in days gone by.

A very devious group of scientists tell us that mankind came from primates but claim the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS who were responsible for what is called the MISSING LINK factor are STILL MISSING. I BEG TO DIFFER. I BELIEVE THE MISSING LINK ARE THESE EVIL GODS, LET’S NOT LET THE “POWERS THAT BE” KEEP THIS KNOWLEDGE UNDER “LOCK AND KEY” ANY MORE.


The map above deals with the hybrid Aryan Race Migration Back Into Europe. This map is the 4th edition of Meyers Konversationslexikon (Leipzig, 1885-1890). The map shows the Caucasian race (in pale and in grayish bluish-green). These hybrid Aryans were called Caucasians because they are associated with the Caucasus mountain region. They include Aryans, Semites and Hamites. Aryans are further subdivided into European Aryans and Indo-Aryans (the latter corresponding to the group now designated as the hybrid Aryans proper or Indo-Iranians).


These blended or mixed hybrid race with dark hair dark-eyed races that were forced to leave Hyperborea first include all Indian and black races and they include groups like the Siberians, Africans, and Polynesian, Asian Indians and American Indians etc. These groups lived inside the earth in place ancients called Agharta. I have written other articles on Agharta that you can also read.

The New Age claim that the dark haired people group with crooked noses known to science as the ADAMS moved into two separate large continents called Atlantis and Lumeria. THAT IS A FALSEHOOD.

See the “Earth Is Growing” maps, which can be found at:
Neal Adams website:
Neal Adams video:

It is clear that these landmasses never existed as separate continents. However we can pick up the trails and migration patterns of the dark haired races all over the world.

The map above deals with the hybrid Aryan Race Migration Back Into Europe. This map is the 4th edition of Meyers Konversationslexikon (Leipzig, 1885-1890). The map shows the Caucasian race (in pale and in grayish bluish-green). These hybrid Aryans were called Caucasians because they are associated with the Caucasus mountain region. They include Aryans, Semites and Hamites. Aryans are further subdivided into European Aryans and Indo-Aryans (the latter corresponding to the group now designated as the hybrid Aryans proper or Indo-Iranians).

For this article we will focus on the migration of the Scandinavians, Aryans primarily, because I am attempting to expose the hybrid bloodlines of the “Global Elite.” We will focus on the migration of the Scandinavians, Aryans who migrated into Scandinavia, the British Isles and Northwestern Europe.

The dark hair people group that we are interested in for this article are the ones who migrated into Europe. Once in Europe, they bred with our indigenous Scandinavian ancestors. These dark haired people groups came from two different directions. The first group I am interested in came with and before the Aryan tribes the Old Testament refer to as the Hebrews. They would later become known in history as the Scythian, Cimmerians etc. As they continued to inbred and take over different territories in Europe they were described as the Scandinavians, Nordics, Aryans, Vikings, Celts, Scots, the Basque peoples, etc. They migrated into Europe and Scandinavia through the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges primarily.

The second group we will talk about here, came into Spain, France and the British Isles from “The Seas” associated with the Mediterranean and the Atlantic primarily.

Keep in mind though that long before recorded history the Indian ADAMS migrated into Spain and landmasses associated with the Mediterranean Sea, Africa and North America etc. All though these records have been lost to us as a whole, what we do know about them is that they were the first dark hair dark eyed hybrid people groups who were known then by different names such as the Atlantians, Phoenicians, the Canaani, and the Sea People etc., because they traveled by sea.

I will not talk about that earlier group here due to the lack of space. We will start tracking them here during a period in history known as the DARK AGES, which happened around 1200 - 800 B.C. It is this time period in history that the Serpent Bloodline known in the Old Testament as the “Tribe of Dan” were shipped into Western Europe with the aid of these “Sea People” They were shipped to a Hebrew Israelite shipping port area known as the Gulf of Lion in the Languedoc Area of France.

We do know that the Phoenicians helped transport the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France, and the British Isles by way of the “Sea Route,” from the Middle East by way of the Mediterranean Sea. We can determine from history that the Phoenicians appear to include the Siberian Indians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats. THESE GLOBAL INDIAN PEOPLE GROUPS ALL HAVE THE SAME DNA. They have the same spiritual and historical traditions, they even use the same names of landforms, rivers, etc., How is possible that no one noticed this and why has this knowledge been LOCKED IN A CLOSET. That’s simple, it’s because we are being LIED TO on large scale, by these “Global Elite” power brokers who do not want us to know our heritage and what that means to all of us.

Sakha (Yakut) People


Their origins are a mystery. What is clear is that they were at one time an advanced race that had lost their writing systems and written works, so that only their oral traditions survive today. Influences in the culture and arts suggested links with traditions that include the Celtic traditions of Western Europe. They had a similar clan system, and other cultural similarities. There are also cultural similarities with Buryat Mongols and with Central Asian, and other Turkic nations. The differences between Yakut and other Turkish languages suggest that it separated from the other Turkish languages around the same time they added the “Lost Tribe of Dan” into Languedoc’s Gulf of Lion port.

After the Scandinavians living in Russia infiltrated their ranks the Scandinavian and Siberian began to inbreed, they became a blended people that came to look similar to our modern day dark hair dark-eyed Russian woman in the picture above.


Because these prehistoric peoples mingled with these evil gods, which is where they learned their language, the arts etc., they had very different view of life on earth. The Hindu legends tell us that prior to 30.000 years ago, they believed that they were spirits occupying the physical body. These legends are echoed through out the world and can be found in Christian legends as well. These legends tell us that our bodies were used like we use cars to hop into and travel around in. They were happy and healthy then as long as they focused on the spiritual and not the physical.

Unfortunately for the Hindu’s also appear to have succumbed to the worship of evil entities which is the same story told about those first people groups who were forced out of Hyperborea for mingling their seed with and worshipping what appear to be the same evil entities, which they referred as “The gods”. These evil religions were atheistic, monotheistic or polytheistic. These evil demonic gods were reptilian looking. It is no coincidence that Jesus (Yashua) also described the evil god of the Judah Jews as the lion- faced reptilian entity whose name was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Jehovah.

The Hindu Indians referred to their evil gods as Vedas, Shiva, Kubera, the Nagas, Indra, Vishnu, and Brahma. These evil gods allowed humans to speculate about religion, as long as they knew they were spirits occupying insignificant unthinking physical bodies designed to cow tow to and worship them.

All of these legends tell us that the human soul or spirit became trapped in human bodies. That human beings eventually fell deeper and deeper into degradation and lost their knowledge of who they really which spirit dimension their souls really came from.

'Philologists have found a common origin for Sanskrit, Persian, and European languages. The Russian language, as an example, still use Sanskrit words as a matter of fact about 30 to 40 percent words are of Sanskrit origin.

If the Hindu, Jewish, and Christian myths are true, there is no doubt that the North Pole was the Garden of Eden. It is well known, by our ancient ancestors, that at one time, the climate at the North Pole was pleasantly mild and that abundant flora and fauna until global cataclysms moved that part of the earth into a DEEP FREEZE.

This is a map of Africa, the Middle East and Asia after it became part of the Hyperborean Region.

Dr. Valery Dyemen, a Russian researcher of the Arctic, is convinced that Hyperborea existed. He said:

'I believe we should be looking for the traces of that civilization in Eurasia and American arctic regions, in the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Oceans, at the bottom of some seas, lakes and rivers. It's worthy of notice that Russia has the largest number of locations and artifacts that could bear relevance to Hyperborea. Some ... have already drawn attention of specialists; others are yet to be discovered. Active exploration is currently under way in the Kola Peninsula, in the Island of Vaigach, in Karelia, Ural Mountains, West Siberia, Khakasia, Yakutia, and a few other regions. There are good prospects for conducting research in Franz Josef Land, Taimyr, and Yamal.'(UFO Digest, 1/12/2007.)

'One of the charts by Gerhardus Mercator, the 16th century Flemish cartographer and geographer, shows a huge continent lying in the vicinity of the North Pole. The land is an archipelago composed of several islands divided by deep rivers. A mountain sits in the center of the land (according to legends, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans lived near Mount Meru). The question is: How did that land appear on the chart? There was no information whatsoever regarding the Arctic regions during the Middle Ages. We have some reasons to believe that Mercator had used an ancient chart, the one that is mentioned in his letter dated 1580. That chart showed a continent located in the center of the Arctic Ocean, which was pictured ice-free on the chart. Mercator's chart seems to be based on the ancient chart.'


It is my contention that the people groups, who migrated into Scandinavia, Western Europe and the British Isles, especially around the Dark Ages, were not pure blood Scandinavians but a mixed race has come to be known as the Aryan Race today. Among these hybrid Aryan races came a hybrid bloodline with the blonde, dark and red hair DNA, that was combined through the rape and cloning of the evil gods in Hyperborea, before this group migrated into the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Europe, and finally America.

IN THE OLD TESTAMENT THIS BLOODLINE CAME FROM CAIN AND WAS KNOWN AS THE LOST TRIBE OF DAN. This evil BLOODLINE OF CAIN was known to be deviant murders. They are an evil cast of back stabbing, title grabbing hybrids that were once the lowest cast of human being on earth. At some point they stole the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE our world from all of our prehistoric Scandinavian ancestors who were the original race on earth. Today these evil bloodlines has many offshoots and are known by many names and they operate their schemes to TAKE OVER THE WORLD through many varied organizations. They are the ASHKENAZIM JEWS, the MEROVINGIANS, the BLUE BLOODS, the KINGS TEMPLAR and the FREEMASONS etc. They are primarily known as the 13 SERPEENT BLOODLINE FAMILIES, WHICH INCLUDE THE ROCKAFELLER FAMILY. They operate through the upper echelons of global organizations known by many names and under many different covers, such as the FREEMASONS, ILLUMINATI, BILDERBERGS, COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS, TRILATTERAL COMMISSION, the CLUB OF ROME AND THE LISTS GO ON. They are the ZIONISTS that are causing all the trouble in the Middle East. And they are at war with the JESUITS whose leader is a figure known as the BLACK POPE who is the real ruler of the Catholic Church from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

I have other articles that detail the migration patterns in more detail but this article was written to show pictures of these migration patterns, not to give the reader written details.

For more details please read my other articles aka chapters on this subject.


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  7. I am A- blood, 5'4 1/2 and had grown in my 20's in height to about 5'5 and born blonde, my eyes were bright blue until I grew older and they got hazel colored and change from green to blue, my hair got darker and of a golden color always with a part in the middle when I grew it out). My 2 ex husbands are both A- (1 in which we had 3 children also A- and he had dark hair and brown eyes and beard and was 6 foot tall and a christian as well as myself). My 2nd A- blooded husband was an blonde hair blue eyed Swedish man and I had 1 child with blonde hair and blue eyes (also A-) and he was an atheist until he saw miracles of the Father happen when he came to America from Sweden. I also had dreams about things and then they happened. I want Gods truth and donot want mans, my own, or satans. I always felt different and was always an outcast in school growing up and only felt comfortable around other rh- blood people. I think Israelites from Adamic seedline were rh- but had a variety of hair and eye colors because our Father above said they are a peculiar (different- like the breastplate of priests of a variety of gemstone colors) people above all those on the earth(pre adamic blacks and asians mostly have the same hair color, eye color, etc. and basically look the same- nothing peculiar about that). AB- is the universal plasma(gold colored water part of blood that constitutes more than the red cells themselves) donor and thus is "water". Most of the earth is water, most of our body is water, baptism of water, baptism of washing of water by the WORD. Even israelite tribes were supposed to breed within their Own tribes and Judah(priesthood house) was to breed with like. I am against the NWO, lies, and evil period. By the way, do you know that GREEN is the color of WHITE light in the middle of the color spectrum? Write me if you want at


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